We've updated to Moodle 2.9

We've updated to Moodle 2.9

by Doreen Pietrantoni -
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We have updated to Moodle 2.9!

Here is a list of changes for users and course creators:


Dashboard – access through My Home & My Courses (in the Navigation Block), customizable

User Profiles – Customizable, access through My Profile, can add blocks

Course Overview Block – Users will be able to view course updates, unread forums, and due dates in the Course Overview Block that appears in the middle of the Dashboard page.

Course Creators:

Drag and Drop – Images and Files can be dragged and dropped into course.

Grade to Pass - Can be set by editing activity without going to gradebook.

Completion Status – Automatically updated when activity is graded.

Activity Results Block – Displays results from graded or rated activities


  • Teachers can require students to complete Q1 before attempting Q2
  • Question bank can be sorted by date
  • Sections headings can be added to quiz
  • Teachers can allow students to redo a finished question within a quiz attempt.